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WeMo Integration Is Here! (And WEP Password Support Too!)

We have good news to share!

WeMo Switch and WeMo Insight Switch, ivee’s Latest Buddies

For those who are unfamiliar, the WeMo Switch is a Wi-Fi enabled smart plug that lets you turn on and off electronic devices from anywhere. And after much anticipation, we are happy to announce that ivee can now control your WeMo Switch and WeMo Insight Switch!

Once linked to your ivee account, you can name your WeMo devices in the ivee portal and turn them on and off by voice. The naming capability is especially useful because it allows you to name each switch according to what you have plugged in to it. We know many of you have been looking forward to WeMo integration for quite some time, so we are happy to release it to you! For more information about WeMo devices, please go to http://www.belkin.com/us/Products/home-automation/c/wemo-home-automation/

WEP Wi-Fi Password Support

The latest firmware now supports WEP Wi-Fi passwords (in addition to WPA and WPA2). We do not recommend using WEP passwords because they are not secure, but we understand that some users are using older routers that do not support newer security standards like WPA and WPA2. So for those of you stuck with WEP as your only choice, we hope this latest update makes it easier for you to connect your ivee to any Wi-Fi network.

Enable/Disable Voice Control for Hue and WeMo

Some users have requested that we allow them to disable voice control for their Hue, so we created a button in the ivee portal that lets you do just that. This is ideal for devices that you don’t intend to control via voice. You are free to disable and re-enable voice control for Hue and WeMo devices as many times as you’d like.

That’s All for Now

We hope you enjoy this latest update! Please kick in the tires, and let us know what you think! More to come!


The ivee team

P.S. As always, please email or call us if you have any trouble!

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