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SmartThings Integration (Alpha), Support for Multiple Nest Thermostats, and Canada Postcodes

We’ve been busily working away, and we have some new developments to announce!


SmartThings Integration (Alpha)

We’ve completed an initial SmartThings integration, which allows you to link your ivee account to your SmartThings account and toggle on/off any device that supports the ‘switching’ capability. We know that many of you are very excited to use ivee with SmartThings, so we want to make it clear that this is just the beginning! We plan to support several new capabilities per week until we have comprehensive support for the SmartThings API. If you have a SmartThings account, please link it to your ivee account and give it a whirl! We are eager to hear what you think.


Enhanced Nest Support

Users with multiple Nest thermostats can now control all of them with ivee. We also resolved an issue related to temperatures in Celsius and improved stability overall. Support for range mode will be added soon.

Set Default Location with Canada Postcodes 

In addition to US ZIP codes, we’ve added support for Canada postcodes. Users in Canada can now set their default location using their local Canada postcode in the format of XXX-XXX (e.g 1A1-A1A).

Web Interface for ZIP/Postcodes in ivee Portal

In case you are having trouble getting ivee to distinguish your 8’s from your A’s, or 3’s & C’s, the ivee portal now allows you to enter your postal code manually with your keyboard. Go to the “My Account” page to enter and clear your default postal code.

Tell Me Something

Also, just for fun, we’ve added more “Tell Me Something” facts.


Thank you for your continued support; we will continue to roll out updates regularly. We plan to keep integrating new devices/platforms, enhance support for existing features, and squash any bugs that arise!

We value all of your feedback, questions, and concerns. Please stay in touch with us so we can discuss your ideas and requests. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us anytime at, or call us Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM at 1-800-746-3903


The ivee team