"When you first receive your ivee, she’s just a baby…"

"When you first receive your ivee, she’s just a baby…"

If you have already picked up an ivee, congratulations on being the new parent of an ivee Sleek.

We want to give you a few updates as to what improvements are being made on the ivee platform and when you can expect ivee integrating with more connected devices and platforms!


We’ve been working around the clock and as fast as we can to integrate with more connected devices (and platforms). Here is an updated schedule with a projection as to when we will finish the following integrations: 

Nest Thermostat - Complete! 
Staples Connect - Mid-February 
Lowe’s Iris - Mid-March 
SmartThings - Late-March 
Philips Hue - Mid-April 
Belkin WeMo Switch - Mid-May 
ivee Web API - Late-July


In addition to the the new integrations, we’re listening to your feedback, and we’re actively working on 3 improvements that will help with Weather, FM Radio, and the Temperature Sensor. 

1. Weather 

Some of you have reported that when you say “Weather,” ivee doesn’t know your city. We’re going to enable you to set your default location by zip code. This will allow ivee to know exactly what city you’re in.

2. FM Radio 

Ok, we understand. The FM radio does not work well. We didn’t want to compromise the overall look/feel of ivee with an external wire antenna, so we made the decision to use an internal antenna. Unfortunately, the reception is not adequate for a majority of you. Don’t worry, we’re looking into a streaming music service (like Pandora, Spotify, or TuneIn Radio) to make up for the lack of FM radio (signal strength). We will keep you posted as this progresses. 

3. Temperature Sensor 

We’re working on a solution now that will allow ivee to fetch a more accurate reading of the internal temperature in your house, using your connected thermostat. In the beginning, this will only work with Nest Thermostats, but this will expand as we connect more thermostats to ivee.


ivee Knows My Name 

When you get a chance try these names. These were our favorite Kickstarter Backer bio’s of the 50 “ivee Knows My Name” backers! 

Try saying…

“Who is Daniel Basden?”
“Who is David Proffer?”
“Who is Doug Morris?”
“Who is Matthew McCarty?”
“Who is Jason Mendelson?”

Tell Me Something 

Also, if you need to get your “Snapple Fact” for the day, try the “Tell Me Something” command. Who knows, you might even learn something from ivee. 

You can say…

“Tell me something” 
“Tell me something interesting” 
“Tell me something funny”
“Tell me something scary”

Feedback, Feedback, and MORE Feedback! 

We encourage you to visit www.helloivee.uservoice.com to give us feedback, comments, and suggestions. We want to know how you think we can improve your experience with ivee. 

Also, look for what others are saying and vote on what you like and don’t like by assigning points to each topic. We want to make ivee the best possible assistant for you, and we’re committed to doing so! 

Thank you again for your support. We’re here, and we’re listening! And if you need more urgent help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

1-800-746-3903 M-F 10am-6pm PST.